Why Tracksuits for Men Are the Perfect Choice in Casual Wear

Why Tracksuits for Men Are the Perfect Choice in Casual Wear

When it comes to sportswear, tracksuits are a popular choice among men. Due to their flexible nature, tracksuits enhance productivity during sporting activities. However, clothing keeps on evolving and reinventing itself, and this has also influenced the modern-day use of a tracksuit.

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, the concept of working from home (WFH) has become the norm for almost every office-goer. And with a change in workspace and flexibility in working hours came a wardrobe change: faded and wrinkled sweatshirts, misshapen T-shirts, and the ever famous casual tracksuits.

However, casual doesn’t always mean unstylish. As compared to an unruly T-shirt and saggy bottoms, a tracksuit is well-coordinated and looks pretty sophisticated. And even when you're not working, a blessed and relaxing day at home calls for this head-to-toe loungewear; and did we mention that it was pretty darn comfortable as well?

So read on to find out what makes a tracksuit so desirable, and what to look for when you buy tracksuit for men.

The Tracksuit’s Origin Story

Before indulging more into why a tracksuit should be your go-to choice in carefree casual wear, let’s get to know where it all began. Tracksuits were originally worn by athletes to look neat-as-a-pin in terry-cloth; however, they were soon jazzed up with gold jewelry and shades. Tracksuits have now become less of a sports thing and more of a millennial/RnB and hip-hop cult. And if you’re familiar with The Sopranos and The Godfather, even mafias swapped their double-breasted suits for tracksuits!

Now you might ask: what made this reinvention of tracksuits possible? One word: practicality. Tracksuits are manufactured from technical and stretchy fabrics that look and feel relaxed and allow unrestricted movement, two features that a stiff suit exclusively lacks.

When and How To Wear a Tracksuit

If you’ve just bought a tracksuit, you're pulling into Tracksuit Town at exactly the right time! Even though the weather will soon be warming up, it is still cool enough to get away with wearing a tracksuit early in the morning or for a casual meet-up with friends after the sun goes down.

As we mentioned, initially only athletes or exercise buffs were seen flaunting a tracksuit on the streets or at the gym, but things have long changed. Now, most men can be seen wearing a tracksuit at one place or another, be it their morning coffee run, a quick jog in the park, or a semi-casual online meeting.

And don’t worry; you don’t require a stylist to tell you how to wear a tracksuit the right way. All it takes is a minute to throw on, and you can pair it with sliders, trainers, or loafers. Remember, the key here is comfort and accessibility.

Some Things to Consider When Buying a Tracksuit

When you buy tracksuit for men, always pick one that best suits your needs. Certain tracksuits are specific for activities concerning general fitness, while others can be worn casually as well. Nevertheless, choose a tracksuit that offers maximum comfort and flexibility.

An extremely important factor to consider is the weather. For warmer climates, buy a tracksuit that features breathable and lightweight fabric. If you live in a colder region, consider a tracksuit with heavier fabric. Best winter tracksuits feature fleece-lined material that is designed to provide insulation and trap heat. Also, a tracksuit with a hood will help keep your neck and head warm as you go for a morning run or jog.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just looking for something casual, always choose a tracksuit that fits well. Try different styles and sizes till you find something that is comfortable and also looks good on you. Experiment with zipped pockets, reflective strips, and other design features as per your specific requirements.

Consider buying a tracksuit with official club insignias, since these are generally designed to be worn both inside and outside of the gym. And the best part, you can support your favorite sports team by flaunting their logo wherever you go!

And last but not least, remember that an expensive tracksuit doesn't mean it's good quality. Second-hand tracksuits available at car boot sales or being sold online by people in your local community are also worth giving a shot. But always make sure they are in good, wearable condition before investing your time and money

Taking Your Tracksuit to the Next Level

Now that you're up to speed with how cool and hip a tracksuit is, let us tell you how to flaunt your casual attire and become the center of everyone's attention.

  • You can wear a crisp, plain white T-shirt underneath your unzipped tracksuit’s jacket and elevate the final look with minimalist white sneakers.
  • To create a spring-friendly vibe, just wear a trench coat over the tracksuit for a dapper look.
  • Talking about the tracksuit itself, the classic polyester tricot version is undoubtedly the most iconic. If you’re looking for something a little more modern, workout-ready performance fabrics with features such as four-way stretch are the way to go. And for a more swish-swishy version, the lightweight nylon tracksuits or shell suits are a perfect choice.

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